this one time i married michael clifford
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american 5sos fans right now:

Anonymous: 5sos DO NOT think any of these girls are like family to them they never have and the never will. Everyone has always been screaming fans and people to push them forward in their dreams of making it. We are just a group of people who like music NOT family. We have no relations to them, no way to become friends with them, and no way to date them. Fan fics etc are completely delusional/mentally unhealthy. It's ok to think boys are hot/love their music but you will always be JUST a fan ffs


well obviously this is just an opinion. maybe you’re right! maybe we mean nothing to them.. and they’re just lying to us. but after all the “i love you”s and “thank you”s from them in videos its a bit hard to believe that they dont care. you’re thinking about all the negative things. im not.  when we say fam, or when i say it, i dont literally mean that we are family. of course we’re not. we’re not blood related. but i mean it as like a second family. the good people in this fandom, we all care about each other and we look out for each other, including 5sos. and you’re right i don’t have any chances with any of them. i know that because im just 1 out of the millions of fans that they have. so yes, i am just a fan and we are not family thanks for pointing that out :)

now it would be great if you could explain to me what this is supposed to mean :)